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Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) are an essential component of modern quadcopters (and all multirotors) that offer high power, high frequency, high resolution 3-phase AC power to the motors in an extremely compact miniature package. These craft depend entirely on the variable speed of the motors driving the propellers. This wide variation and fine RPM control in motor/prop speed gives all of the control necessary for a quadcopter (and all multirotors) to fly.

Quadcopter ESCs usually can use a faster update rate compared to the standard 50 Hz signal used in most other RC applications. A variety of ESC protocols beyond PWM are utilized for modern-day multirotors, including, Oneshot42, Oneshot125, Multishot, and DShot. DShot is a digital protocol that offers a certain advantages over classical analog control, such as higher resolution, CRC checksums, and a lack of oscillator drift (removing the need for calibration). Modern day ESCs protocols can communicate at speeds of 37.5KHz or greater, with DSHOT2400 frame only taking 6.5μs.

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